Pilates Classes in Prestwick, Ayrshire by Kirsty Anderson of Active8 Pilates.
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Having suffered with long-term lower back pain, I have found Pilates to be my savior. It helps keep me pain free and active, and able to carry on with my normal daily activity. Having also just had my first child via c-section, Pilates has helped my post-op recovery immensely.
Katy, 34, Podiatrist

I really enjoy and look forward to my Pilates class. I feel I leave taller, relaxed and definitely less stressed in general and definitely around my shoulders. I have found it a great workout, very different from my other fitness activities but just as enjoyable, and I use it in everything as I now really notice my posture and try to sit and stand taller wherever I am.
Jennifer, 38, Sales Executive

"Since beginning Kirsty's classes, I have felt fitter, leaner and full of energy. The classes are challenging but fun and delivered by a true professional. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to feel better and improve their body confidence"
Susan, People Development Officer
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